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Necklace CWLNECK01

Gold necklace with round circle and tassel

Necklace CWLNECK02

Gold necklace with a pearl and tassel

Necklace CWLNECK03

Thick gold chain

Necklace CWLNECK04

Gold chain with tassel

Necklace CWLNECK05

Gold chain with gold rectangle black and tassel

Necklace CWLNECK06

Gold necklace with 2 rings and tassel

Necklace CWLNECK07

Gold necklace chevron charm and tassel

Necklace CWLNECK08

Long necklace with a rectangle object and a ring

Necklace CWLNECK09

4 Chain gold necklace with black diamond object gold ball and tassels

Necklace CWLNECK10

Gold circular necklace

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